Your Options for the Proper System Protection

Are you considering launching a crowd funding campaign? Here are some tips to help you complete your project.

Choose the platform on which to launch your crowd funding campaign:

Many platforms offer the possibility of launching a crowd funding campaign. However, not all are equal and you should carefully choose the one that is best for your project. The inprotect systems are there now.

Before you start, we recommend that you compare platforms on 3 criteria:

  • The types of financing proposed
  • The success rate of the platform
  • The audience of the platform

Types of financing proposed:

The choice of the type of financing is a natural selection criterion. Indeed, there are 3 types of crowd funding:


Investments and loans and crowd funding platforms usually only offer one or two types of funding only.

Depending on the type of financing desired, you will be able to easily eliminate a part of the platforms.

Success rate of the platform:

The second criterion to take into account is the success rate of the platform: out of 100 crowdfunding campaigns launched on the platform, how successful are they in reaching their financing objective?

Rather than looking at the overall success rate of the platform, we recommend that you refine your analysis by considering only projects similar to yours both in terms of business sector and size of funding.

Indeed a platform can have a very different success rate depending on whether you wanted to raise $ 5,000 for an art project or $ 50,000 for a company.

The audience of the platform:

The last criterion is the audience of the platform. The audience is vital because the success of your campaign depends directly on your ability to get people talking about you in order to attract as many contributors as possible.

We recommend analyzing the audience based on 3 criteria: the number of active contributors on the platform, the number of Facebook subscribers, and the number of Twitter subscribers.

If the amount you want to raise is important, also consider the average amount invested by contributors.

Anticipate the cost of the crowd funding campaign

  • Launching a crowd funding campaign requires a real budget.
  • The realization of the project presentation video, press releases, and the digital content necessary to promote your crowd funding operation have a cost that should be anticipated.
  • Added to this are the costs of the platform and, depending on the type of financing desired, any legal fees or audit.

Prepare the promotional content of the campaign in advance

The success of your crowd funding campaign depends on your ability to build momentum around it.Prepare your promotional material in advance – video, content to relay in social networks, email campaign, etc.  will allow you once the campaign launched to devote all your time trying to make people talk about you.

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