Make No Mistakes!

Nowadays every person is the confident computer user. We all need it for different purposes – work, entertainment, and hobby. Moreover, you will not be able to work on it without typing at least one word. As the time passes by, we can type blindfold because of the perfect knowledge of the keyboard. However, it is not the guarantee of correct spelling. If you are making too many mistakes while typing and constantly push the Backspace button, we are here to help you with our tips and service at! Pay attention to the following ideas and reduce the level of errors.

Comfortable Device

While selecting the keyboard, pay attention not to the appearance but to the convenience. Feel free to try various models in the store and choose the most comfortable for you. Pay attention to such aspects as:

  • The distance between the keys. It should be big enough for you not to press neighboring keys accidentally, and at the same time, you do not have to stretch your fingers to reach the right keys.
  • The height of the keys. Too low keys lead to sticking and repetition of symbols when too high one requires excessive effort to press.
  • The form of the keyboard. Ergonomic keyboards provide better hand position, but if you are not able to work on one keyboard, it is better to use the standard rectangle.

Mind the Back

Only the correct position of the spine provides your brain with a sufficient blood supply, and hence, better concentration and the higher level of efficiency. So straighten your back! We use several regular (every 2-3 hours) breathing exercises for 3-5 minutes. Concentration on the breath allows you to clear the brain and prepare it for the new work. Moreover, deep breathing helps to get rid of slouching.

Do Not Distract

This tip is simple: in order to improve the correctness be more concentrated. Here the headphones, the Pomodoro technique, and regular work breaks will be your best friends. If you listen to the music, choose some tracks without text. Try to work together with the noise. It will help you to get accustomed to any difficulties.

Do Not Look At the Text

When you see your mistakes, you are distracted and have to come back to correct them. This leads to new errors. So try not to look in the text editor. Just look at the final variant of the text and even close your eyes if you are typing from your head. It is recommended to correct and eliminate all mistakes while proofreading it.

Blindfold Typing

If you have been using the computer for years, most likely you can type with your eyes closed. However, if you have trained yourself to wrong touch-type, the speed and the accuracy will be at the lower level. Nowadays there are dozens of keyboard simulators for training and practicing these skills. Personally, the author managed to learn to touch-type in school, when the keys on his old Dell laptop were totally ruined.

Slow Down

If you are making too many mistakes, most likely, you are too fast. It is important to type fast in any case, but the speed is not the quality coefficient. However, you must find the happy medium because the correction of errors significantly reduces the total printing speed, and it leads to fatigue. Mind the rhythm to reduce the speed of typing.

Hand Position

Your hands should always be in the right position. For example, your elbows should be at the same level with the keyboard. Keep your hands rounded, as pianists do. They should not be tensed, but do not lay them on the keyboard. Do not raise your fingers too high, and after each pressing return them to the original position (ASDF JKL;).

Wrist Exercises

If you have a lot of typing, your hands are bound to get tired. Do the exercises, which will help to prevent the tunnel syndrome and arthritis:

  • twirl the wrists;
  • stretch and massage the fingers as well as the shoulder girdle;
  • squeeze the expander or rubber ball;
  • rumple the paper.

These were the basic tips for every student or worker, who has something to do with the computer. In the next article, we will tell you how to become smarter, even if you know everything. However, if you know some other useful ways to improve the typing skills, share them in the comments below!

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